concerts i’ve attended

I am constantly editing and adding to this list–send me a note if you were at one of these shows and have any specific memories.


10/5/80     The Cars at the Civic Center ($10).  With Honda, Moris, Bongo.  Bernie was too sick to go to the show.  My first “grown up” concert.  The Way Moves opened for them.  Great show—tour for Panorama, I think.


8/11/82     The Clash at the Civic Center ($10).  Combat Rock tour.  With Chris Simpson.  Excellent show—Strummer sports Mohawk that year.

8/?/82        Willie Nelson and Family at the State Fair.  With Muttly, Rich Nifke, Jordy Nicholas.  This show starts our streak of seeing Willie like 4 or 5 years in a row at the Fair.  Fun times, sat in the back of the truck and hung out, had a few beers (really, at that age?).

10/3/82     The Who at the Civic Center ($15). With Bernie, Honda, and Hoff.  Had to mail in for tickets—lottery draw for seats.  We thought 15 was outrageous for tickets, but went anyway.  We had to see it.  Face Dances tour.  Great show.


5/21/83     Styx at the Civic Center ($13.50).  With Rena Alexander.  Mr. Roboto Tour.  Had to sneak Rena out of the house because her dad wouldn’t let her go, but with her mom’s help, we had a great night and saw a great show. Hoff, Honda, Farrand were also there on tix provided by Larry M.

8/?/83        Willie Nelson and Family at the State Fair.  With Muttly, Rich Nifke, Jordy Nicholas.  Fun times, sat in the back of the truck and hung out, had a few beers (really, at that age?).


2/20/84     Duran Duran at the Civic Center ($12.50).  With Tangy Evenson.  Great show, actually.  Union of the Snake tour—whichever that album was.

4/12/84     Culture Club at the Civic Center ($12.50).  With Kelly Connelly’s youngest sister.  Boy George in all his transvestite glory—great voice, though.  Tour for second album.  I think this was the show that A Flock of Seagulls opened for—may have been Duran Duran.

8/?/84        Huey Lewis and the News at the State Fair.  With Ramona Panneman [where are you these days?]  Good show—mostly hits from those years.  Acapella National Anthem.

8/23/84     Willie Nelson and Family at the State Fair.  With Muttly, Rich Nifke, Jordy Nicholas.  Actually have a dated ticket for this show.  Fun times, sat in the back of the truck and hung out, had a few beers (really, at that age?).


3/19/85     U2 at Minneapolis Auditorium ($13).  With Bernie, Honda, Hoff, Craig??  Great show—Unforgettable Fire tour.  Unforgettable is right, as we get our first chance to see our heroes in person. We stayed out all night at Rosedale Shopping Center to be first in line for tickets the next morning when they went on sale. Froze our butts off in the midwinter.

5/10/85     REM at the Stock Pavilion in Madison, WI ($9.50).  With Bernie, Pete Redin, Steve Chalgren??, and ??  Hottest show I’ve ever been at—we were right in front with everyone until I almost keeled over from the heat.  Warm-up tour for Fables tour.  Great show—first REM show I saw—Stipe shows up with no long hair, too much eye make-up, and about four sets of clothes on all at the same time.  Sheds them as the show goes on.

6/25/85     Tears for Fears at the Orpheum (got tickets from Larry Morse).  With Bernie.  We sat in the Orchestra Pit because Larry had connections.  Tour for their second album.  Great show, up that close and personal.

8/?/85 Willie, Waylon, and Jessi Colter at the State Fair Grandstand.

10/6/85     REM at Roy Wilkins Auditorium ($13.25).  With Bernie and Honda.  Second row seats.  Fantastic show—nearly the same set as what we saw in Madison earlier in the year.

11/14/85   Simple Minds at the Orpheum Theatre ($14).  With Bernie.  We had 4th row tickets for this show—from Larry M, of course.  Great show.  “Don’t You Forget About Me” is the big hit. Played a lot from earlier albums.


2/14/86     The Wallets at Coffman Union, U of M campus.  Fabulous show—saw these guys about 10 times over the years, but this is the only ticketed show I went to, I guess.

3/16/86     The Golden Palominos at First Avenue ($8.50).  With Bernie.  Jack Bruce, Syd Straw, Bernie Worrell appear with the GPs (if this is the right show—can’t find other ticket).  Great show.

4/12/86     The Replacements at Headliners in Madison, WI ($7).  With Bernie and ??  Great show, if you like watching the drunk ‘Mats “perform” one minute of every Beatles song they know, plus wrestle around on the stage and break stuff.  Was quite enjoyable, as I am a fan of both sides of the “Mats.

6/17/86     Joe Jackson at the Orpheum Theatre ($17).  With Bernie, Honda, and ??  This was probably the Big World tour—Bernie would remember.

6/22/86     Public Image, Ltd. At the Orpheum Theatre ($15).  Second time seeing John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) perform.  Being that we were farther away than last time, and sitting in seats, or standing in front of them, the show was a bit more tame.  Still a great show.  ?? tour.

8/15/86     The Smiths at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago ($16).  With Bernie, Steve Chalgren, and ??  Great show.  Phranc opened, but she is just too weird for my liking.  Bring on Morrissey, Queen is Dead tour.  He brandishes roses given him by a fan, and beats them to petally mulch on the monitors out front during a rather emotional point in a song.  We were standing on folding chairs near the way back, only place we could get tickets, for the entire show.

10/14/86   REM at Roy Wilkins Auditorium ($13.50).  With Bernie and ??  Second row seats again.  Great show again, “Losing My Religion” was the big hit.  Stipe and Buck do a back flip into the front rows of audience.  Stipe lands right next to me with a pretty frightened look on his face.  A few of us helped him back up onto the stage.  At the end of the show, we pass Westerberg; I shake his hand all cool-like and say, “keep up the great work.”  Surprised he even shook my hand—he normally isn’t into that shit.


4/28/87     Billy Idol at Minneapolis Auditorium ($15).  The Cult opened the show.  With Kim ??  I really went to see the Cult, as much as Billy Idol.  Both acts were good, seats were far away, so the sightlines weren’t any good, but the sound wasn’t bad, though echoic.  Rebel Yell tour.

5/13/87     The Replacements at First Avenue (ID show).  With Bernie and Hoffer.  We were in the front row in front of Tommy crushed against the stage, as we usually were.  Great show.

5/26/87     Oingo Boingo at First Avenue ($9 in advance—All Ages show).  Can’t even remember who I would have talked into seeing this show with me.  Great show, though.  Basically the show that was played appears later as the ALIVE double-CD set.  Drove up from Mankato to see this show—back home that night.  Back up the next night to see The ‘Mats.  To be young again.

5/27/87     The Replacements at First Avenue (All Ages show).  With Bernie and Hoff and a few others—we were crunched up against the stage in front of Tommy.  I think this was the really drunk show.  I think the 13th was the really tight rockin’ show.

7/17/87     James Galway and The Chieftains at Northrup Auditorium on the U of M Campus ($18.50).  Great show—basically played most of the songs on the same CD that came out earlier, with some old favorites played by The Chieftains earlier in their career.

8/13/87     Echo and the Bunnymen at Northrup Auditorium ($17.50).  New Order and Gene Loves Jezebel open the show.  Bernie, Hoffer, and Steve Chalgren were at this show.  Great show—hot day, even hotter inside.  Don’t remember much about sets—Self-titled CD tour for Echo.

10/17/87   X opens for Warren Zevon at the Orpheum Theater ($17.50, but my ticket has “Complimentary” stamped across it).  First time I saw X.  Went with Pete Redin.  We see Tommy Stinson (bass player for The Replacements) and his girlfriend waiting in the lobby for the show to start.  He signs our tickets, “nice series heh—Tommy.”  Great show, Tony Gilkyson replaced Billy Zoom only about a year before this tour.  Warren was great, but we didn’t stay for the entire show because we were so excited to get home in time to see the end of the first game of the 1987 World Series—Twins vs. Cards.  When we got out of the car at Pete’s apartment, on Stevens (?) in St. Paul, we could cheering in the Dome ten miles away in Mpls.  Twins win 10-1.  Frankie “Sweet Music” Viola gets the win, Dan Gladden caps off the7-run 4th inning with a grand salami.

11/2/87     REM at Roy Wilkins Auditorium ($16.50).  With Bernie and Hoff.  We sat in the rafters because REM was becoming the hugely popular band they now are—so we stole a section sign (217) and I carried it out in my coat and never got caught.  I gave it to Bernie, but who knows where it ended up.  RWA is gone now, or at least converted, so there’s no need to worry about returning it now.  Great show—Document tour, I think?? We stopped for White Castles after this show on the way home: “Twenty Sliders–Five Nails.”

11/3/87     U2 at St. Paul Civic Center with Erik Mericle. ($17.50).  Worst place to see a show—sound absolutely brutal, especially U2 who uses all the reverb and delay.  We were miles away from the stage and could see nothing.  Still enjoyable, however, to see the boys play their hits.  Joshua Tree Tour??

11/18/87   The Red Hot Chili Peppers at First Avenue.  Opener is Faith No More.  With Bernie, Craig Kachinsky, Erik Mericle, John Hoffman.  Great show that really ends the years that RHCP can be seen at small venues as the next CD will launch them into super-stardom.  Front row—Craig is behind me elbowing all the moshers so I get the premier concert experience.  Thanks, Craig.  Uplift Mofo Party Plan Tour.


4/27/88     Midnight Oil at First Avenue ($6 in advance—ID show).  With Bernie, Honda, and Hoffer.  Diesel and Dust Tour—great show—played for a long time—most of their hits and many songs.  We were right up front as usual.

9/13/88     Billy Bragg at First Avenue ($8).  With Bernie and Hoffer.

11/1/88     Devo at First Avenue.  With ??  Great show—total rock n roll sound and set list.  Great costume changes throughout shoe to reflect the different “eras” and albums.

11/16/88   Red Hot Chili Peppers at First Avenue.  With Bernie.  Always a great show at First Ave and the Peppers.


3/8/89       REM at Met Center ($17.50).  Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians opened.  With Bernie, Erik Mericle, ??  Must have been the Document tour??  I’ll check.

4/10/89     Eric Burdon at First Avenue.  With ??  Normal setlist for him.

9/13/89     Joe Jackson at the Orpheum Theatre ($18.50).  With Bernie and ??  Great show—Big World tour?  This may have been after that one.

10/9/89     Red Hot Chili Peppers at First Avenue ($10).  With Bernie.  Famous “encore only wearing one sock.”


3/7/90       Warren Zevon at Rockefeller’s, Houston, TX ($17.50).  By myself.  The Raindogs opened the show, and they were fabulous.  Sat in the balcony and the seats were great.  Warren played a great set.  The Dogs would become one of my favorite acts.  Zevon, of course, is always classic.

4/2/90       Jesus Christ Superstar at Theatre Under the Stars, Houston, TX ($24).  Don’t remember who I went with, or what I saw.

6/12/90     Midnight Oil at the Woodlands Pavillion, Houston, TX ($20).  With Lisa Mauri.  Great show—the seats were rather far away, but it was an outdoor show and a beautiful night.

6/13/90     Joe Cocker/Stevie Ray Vaughn at the Woodlands Pavillion, Houston, TX ($22).  With Lisa Mauri.  Fabulous show, another beautiful night.  We sat farther back again, but we could hear the music just fine.  Sadly, SRV would die about 6 months later in a helicopter crash in East Troy, Wisconsin.  Cocker is still kicking (but not anymore-RIP, Sir Joe).

9/12/90     Midnight Oil at the Orpheum Theatre ($22).  With Bernie and Hoff.


2/3/91       Bill Watrous at the Lakewood Jazz Festival ($10).  With Peggy S.

7/18/91     The Special Beat opens for Steel Pulse at First Avenue.  With Bernie.

11/7/91     Morrissey at Northrup Auditorium ($28).  With Bernie, and ??  ??tour.

11/25/91   Trip Shakespeare at First Avenue.  With Craig K., ??

12/2/91     Billy Bragg and the Red Stars at First Avenue.  With Bernie.  Some solo songs, some with the band.


10/8/92     Graham Parker at First Avenue ($12).  Lucinda Williams opened the show.  With Bernie.


7/20/93     X at First Avenue (comp ticket).  With Bernie and ?? 

8/4/93       Midnight Oil with Hothouse Flowers at Roy Wilkins Auditorium (comp tickets).  With Craig Kachinsky.  Fifth row tickets were given to Craig by the Oils’ drummer, Rob Hirst, who was staying at the hotel where Craig tended bar.  Great show.  The hand!

11/4/93     The Special Beat at First Avenue, with the Skatalites, the Selecter, and the Toasters (comp ticket).  With Bernie.  This was an All-Star lineup.  All good ska bands.

11/5/93     X at First Avenue (comp tickets).  With Bernie.  Rock n Roll show. 

11/6/93     Big Country at First Avenue (complimentary tickets).  With Bernie.  All original members of the band.  Great show—one of the top fifteen probably, just because it was the only time I saw them and now Stuart is dead.  All the great songs.  Buffalo Skinners tour.


3/22/94     The Pogues at First Avenue (no Shane).  With Bernie.  Waiting for Herb tour.  First time we see them.  Great show—rocked it mightily, the rest of the band without Shane is tight and Spider sings most songs.

5/16/94     Paul Weller at First Avenue (comp ticket).  With Bernie.  Great show, of course—always great to see Weller.

5/27/94     Elvis Costello at Northrup Auditorium ($25).  Unfortunately, Crash Test Dummies open the show which brings in lots of Dummies fans only to talk through Elvis and ruin the show for us, plus we’re in the balcony because so many want to see CTD.  I hated those fans, but Elvis was good.

6/2/94       The Knack at the Rogue ($10).  With Bernie, ??  Great show—first time seeing them live.  Prescott Niles signed our tickets.

8/?/94 Roger Daltrey at the MN State Fair Grandstand.

10/9/94     The Specials at the Rogue.  With Bernie.

10/30/94   The Toasters at First Avenue with The Scofflaws and The Pietasters (complimentary tickets—all ages).  Greatest ska lineup in the history of my concert going experience.  A dream come true.

11/19/94   Black 47 at First Avenue (comp ticket).  With Bernie. 


1/26/95     Martin Zellar at First Avenue.  I know, local act, no big deal.  Was not a huge Gear Daddies fan, so did not know a lot of the songs.  Went with someone who was a fan.  Show was packed.

2/18/95     Simple Minds at First Avenue.  With Bernie?  Great show—Good News From the New World tour.  Great to be right up front for Jim Kerr, et. al.  Many of the songs from the new CD, but several oldies as well.

2/25/??      Dublin City Ramblers at Kieran’s Irish Pub ($15).  Don’t know if this is the right year.

3/27/95     Paul Kelly at the Fine Line ($6).  Opener was Grant McLennan.  With Bernie.  Awesome show—all acoustic sets by both artists.  These two remain two of my all time favorites.  RIP Grant.

4/8/95       Graham Parker at First Avenue.  With Bernie.  Can’t remember the opener.  Great show, as always.

4/13/95     The Skatalites at First Avenue (Complimentary).  With Bernie.  Can’t remember who opened the show.  Was good, basic ska show with good grooves.

4/18/95     Robyn Hitchcock at Cedar Cultural Centre in Mpls ($10).  Good show—Hitchcock plays on his own.  I stood in back and not on the folding chair seats available for general admission.  Good show.  I think I went to this one by myself.

4/19/95     Dread Zeppelin at the Cabooze in Mpls ($10).  With ???.  Good show—Ska band playing Zep tunes fronted by an Elvis impersonator with black electrical tape for sideburns.  Hilarious.  Ran into Dave Brewster, drummer, at the show.

8/5/95       X at First Avenue.  Jill Sobule opens.  With Bernie, ??  Great show—this was the “unplugged” show that became the album later.  Tony Gilkyson still on guitar.  Great set—love it.

8/16/95     Barenaked Ladies at the Cabooze.  Re-scheduled from the MN Zoo show that was rained out earlier in the summer.  Bernie and I had driven in pouring rain to get there, and the show got cancelled, so no one was around, except Ed was out talking to fans by the fence, so we got the chance to meet and greet him and get the inside scoop on the tour.  For this show, at the Cabooze, we were right up front and enjoyed the show immensely.  BNL was not that popular yet, but was starting to make waves in USA.  The next time we saw them, they were hugely popular, as was almost always the case with Bernie’s rare finds or upcoming bands.

8/18/95     Shane Macgowan and the Popes at First Avenue.  This may have been the show that the Whistle player got left behind.  Memory doesn’t always serve me so well anymore.

11/2/1995 Dread Zeppelin at the Cabooze (10).  Great show again.

11/16/95   Electrafixion at the Fine Line, Mpls ($12).  Dandy Warhols open first, then Echobelly.  With Bernie.  Electrafixion is Ian McCollough and Will Sargent from Echo and the Bunnymen, but the sound is driving, distorted guitars, and Ian singing great, grinding vox above it all.  Excellent show.  Stood about four standing rows back from stage.  Echobelly is surprisingly good—great singer, nice distorted guitar sound.  End up seeing Echobelly the next year at 7th Street Entry.

11/17/95   Billy Bragg at First Avenue ($12).  With Bernie.  I think this was the “Sexuality” tour??  Have to ask Bernie.

11/24/95   Bodeans at Northrup Auditorium ($27).  With Dayna Rethlake and some friends of hers.  Great show—three full hours long—one intermission.  Lots of hits.


2/12/96     John Entwistle at First Avenue (complimentary tickets).  With Bernie.  Loudest show ever in my life.  We are right in front of stage left, where the guitar player is set up.  The Ox is in the middle.  Entwistle leads in with a bass riff; when the guitar player hits the strings, I think my right ear popped it was so loud.  After that song, Entwistle says into the microphone, to the soundman, “the guitar’s too loud—and I’m in the Fuckin’ Who!”  Before Entwistle plays “The Real Me,” he says, “here’s a song that Pete Townshend wrote first, and I wrote second.”  Great show!  One of my top five ever.

3/8/96       Mike Scott at the Fitzgerald ($21).  With Bernie.  One of the best shows I’ve ever seen—Mike Scott is a god and he hit the blue note that night.  Probably a top five show.  Let ‘Em All In tour.

3/11/96     Warren Zevon at First Avenue (Comp ticket).  Played a long set—I was upstairs watching the show from stage left.

3/20/96     The Chieftains at the Orpheum Theatre ($33).  Went with Andrea Johnson. Don’t remember much about this show.

??/??/??      Skafest, featuring Let’s Go Bowling (Pietasters?) at Coffman Student Union.  With Bernie.  Fun show to see, up close and personal at the front of the stage.  Fun bands.  No date on ticket.

4/7/96       Barenaked Ladies at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul (22.50).  With Bernie, ??  First time seeing them in big theater—pirate ship sets on stage.  Born on a Pirate Ship tour.  Fantastic show, even though the tickets about 15 rows back in the center, still feels like we are all part of the show. The Bogmen opened (probably).

4/18/96     The Pogues (no Shane, no James) at the Metro, Chicago ($24).  With Bernie.  Fantastic show, after seeing the Pogues walking around the streets of the theater—we had gone earlier to check out the venue and saw the boys out on the streets.  We were in the front row all night, and got backstage passes that they were handing out from the stage.  Went backstage after the show and had a few beers with the boys—Most of the guys were nice enough to say “hello” but Jem Finer was rather talkative and we stayed by him most of the time.

4/19/96     The Pogues (no Shane, no James) at First Avenue.  With Bernie, Hoffer, Ann Nusbaum?  We drove back from Chicago that day, and met our friends downtown for the show.  We’re in the front row again at this show.  Again, the same set, the same clothes the guys are wearing.  Again, we get a backstage pass.  I don’t stick around back there for very long though.  I aim to hand the pass on, but nobody wants to go back there that I recall.

5/7/96       Kim Richey at the Fine Line ($5).  Kim who??  I have no memory of this.

6/5/96       Electrafixion at First Avenue.  With Bernie and ??  Great show again—nearly same sets as before.

6/6/96       Graham Parker, Jill Sobule, Gordon Gano, and Mark Eitzel at the Fine Line ($16).  With Bernie.  These guys sat on stage and took turns singing songs.  A moderator asked them questions about their craft—such as “have you ever written a song from a point of view other than your own?”  Great show—this is one of my top ten ever.

6/20/96     The Specials at First Avenue.  With Bernie and ??  I think most of the original members of the band are present for this tour.

8/18/96     Elvis Costello and the Attractions at the Orpheum Theatre ($43).  With Bernie and ??  Great show, with all original band members for the last time.

10/6/96     Barenaked Ladies at the Fitzgerald Theater ($24).  With Bernie and ??  Might still have been Born on a Pirate Ship tour—I’ll check. Geggy Tah opened (probably).

10/26/96   Brian Setzer Orchestra at First Avenue (Comp Tickets).  With ??  Great show, with a full show orchestra, but he plays a few Stray Cats songs fully backed by the Orchestra.

10/29/96   Graham Parker and the Figgs at the Fine Line ($10).  With Bernie.  Great show.

11/1/96     Billy Bragg and Robyn Hitchcock at First Avenue.  With Bernie, ??  We were up front for this show, even though we are older than hell by then.


4/26/97     The Chieftains at the State Theatre (free ticket as gift).  With Gundy and Gail.  Saw Sam Sheperd and ?? at the show.  Nobody bothered them.  Great show—lots of their popular stuff played that night.

5/24/97     Robyn Hitchcock at the Cedar Cultural Center ($12).  Solo show.

7/22/97     The Who at Target Center.  With Bernie.  Typical Arena Show with too much talking in the audience, band too far away to see, and the endless echoing sound of the awful venue.  In spite of it all, The Fuckin’ Who were great—we went down there at the last minute and bought tickets from some guy—probably paid $50.  They played the entire Quadrophenia set.

10/4/97     Paul Weller at First Avenue.  Johnette Napolitano opens, singer from Concrete Blonde.  With Bernie.  Paul Weller is awesome live—great show.

11/5/97     Let’s Go Bowling at First Avenue.  With Bernie.  The Jinkies and Animal Chin open the show.  The Jinkies are a band we saw quite often at 7th Street—liked their brand of ska.  Bass player always wore that fez.

11/28/97   Semisonic at First Avenue.  With Craig, Bernie, ??  Great show, as always.


2/27/98     Violent Femmes at First Avenue.  With Bernie.  Great show as always.

4/4/98       Dread Zeppelin at the Cabooze ($10).  May have gone by myself.  Great show.  Ska Led Zep cover band, with an Elvis impersonator as the lead singer.  Charley Haj, the towel boy, is the hit of the show.  Too funny, yet these guys rock.

4/10/98     Mark Eitzel at the 400 Bar ($8).  With ??  Great show—just love his slower, soulful music.  40 Watt Silver Lining Tour, I believe.

5/16/98     Violent Femmes at the Buckeye Lot at the U of M campus ($12).  Polara opens the show.  With Bernie, Chris Radke, Danielle Poole, Eleisha (Croot), and ??  Show is outside, packed with college kids, and fun to watch.  Lots of drunk people dancing and falling down in the lot in front of the band.

6/7/98       Semisonic at First Avenue.  With Bernie, Craig, ??  Absolutely wonderful to see these guys perform.  Almost as good as seeing Trip Shakespeare in the 80’s.

8/27/98     The Knack at the Cabooze ($10).  With Bernie, ??  Great show—all the best tunes.  Tony ?? is the drummer for this tour.

9/13/98.        Nick Cave at the Orpheum ?????????

9/29/98     They Might Be Giants at First Avenue.   With Bernie and Chris Radke.  Great show, full band, awesome set.  These guys are quirky, but they know how to play and rock it out live!  Do not mistake these two nerds for lightweights!

10/16/98   Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach at the Chicago Theatre, Chicago ($40).  With Bernie.  Big money for a show back then, but we had to see this one in chicago, no stop in Mpls.  Great show—played the entire album, with lots of extras from both Burt and Elvis.  Full orchestra backing them up.  We hung around after the show and got Elvis to sign out ticket stubs.  First autograph from Elvis.

10/22/98   Pietasters open for the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies at the Quest ($17).  With Bernie, ??  Pietasters are awesome—Daddies don’t suck, necessarily, but we stopped paying attention soon enough. I think Steven still had the “tin foil” suit at this time.

11/13/98.      Dread Zep ?????

11/25/98.     BlueDarts at Uptown Bar

11/27/98   Garbage at the Orpheum Theatre ($26).  With Erik Mericle.  We were just walking around downtown and saw that Garbage was playing and decided to go at the last minute.  Really enjoyed the show, though—Butch Vig was extraordinary on drums, super loud bass and drums makes the show great.

11/30/98   Reverend Horton Heat at First Avenue.  With Chris Radke, and ??  Always puts on a great show.


1/9/99.      The BlueDarts w/Hillcats at O’Gara’s

2/20/99.        The BlueDarts Recording at Music Tech

2/24/99     Peter Himmelman at Hopkins Center for the Arts ($21).  With Joan Gillham.  Pretty good seats for the show, but Peter is already into his children’s songs, so half the show was kids’ music.  Not the Peter I was hoping to see.

2/26/99. The BlueDarts at Big Vs

3/31/99.      The BlueDarts Recording at Music Tech

4/23/99     D.J. Bonebrake plays with a lounge band at the Fine Line—VOODOO night ($13).  Interesting enough music and show—haven’t seen anything like that before.

5/1/99.         The Blue Darts at Big Vs with September’s Child

5/23/99     Neil Young at the Orpheum ($80 from scalper).  By myself.  Good seat and extraordinary show—solo sets all night—just sat with his guitars and songbooks, turned some pages, found one he wanted to play and let her rip.  One of the best shows I’ve attended.

5/26/99     Graham Parker at the Fine Line ($10).  With Bernie.  Think this was Acid Bubblegum tour.  Great show as always.

5/28/99.     The BlueDarts at Big Vs

6/12/99     Fleadh at Chicago Speedway, Chicago ($150).  With Bernie.  Bands we saw included Elvis Costello with Steve Nieve, The Pogues, Steve Earle, ??  We rode a bus out there the night before, stayed in a hotel, then the bus took us to the show the next morning.  All day music.  Met some nice folks.  The speedway infield had just been sodded, rained all the day before, so mud was up to ankles.  People lost, and abandoned, their shoes in the mud.  Because we stayed to watch the whole Pogues show, we were last on the bus and had to sit right next to the can.  Didn’t sleep a wink.  Got to see a few guys puke—one guy, who will affectionately be known as “the Puker” henceforth to eternity, actually pukes while seated, all over everything including his girlfriend.  The last time I was at Kieran’s (as of 2009), the Puker still worked there.

6/13/99     Elvis Costello at the Orpheum Theatre ($46).  With Bernie, Pete, and ??  Elvis signed this ticket as well.

6/17/99.    Echo and the Bunnymen at First Ave–I think this show was rescheduled maybe??

9/9/99       Billy Bragg and the Blokes at First Avenue.  With Bernie.  Look at all those 9’s.

9/10/99.      The BlueDarts at the Fine line

9/27/99     Linda Perry at 7th Street Entry—which is part of First Avenue ($6).  By myself.  Loved the show, was in front all night, not a huge crowd at all, so the night seemed more intimate.  She has a tattoo of Aries on her lower back—her sign.   And at the end of the show, Linda signed my CD insert and I asked her for a hug.  She obliged.  What a moment.

10/14/99   Echo and the Bunnymen at First Avenue.  Ian barely had a voice and just had to croak his way through the show—couldn’t even sing on some of the songs.

11/11/99   Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros at the Quest ($21).  With Bernie.  Great show.  Strummer still had lots of energy and enthusiasm for the punk rock.  A few Clash tunes.


6/28/01     Violent Femmes at First Avenue.  With Bernie, Chris Radke, ??  Typical Femmes song list—great show—lots of energy as always.  Place was packed—there was no getting near the stage with all the kids getting so much younger than us, by now.

7/15/01     Echo and the Bunnymen at the Quest ($19).  With Bernie, ??  Great show—enjoyed hearing most of their early stuff.

8/?/01      Ringo Starr and his All-Star Band–at the State Capitol for ??Fest.

10/13/01   The Waterboys at First Avenue.  With Bernie, Chris Radke, Bob Radke??  Great Show!  Believe it was the Still Burning tour.  Chris and I hung out in back by the back bar.  Still a great show—I think Jordy was even there.

10/19/01   Midnight Oil at The Quest ($23).  Great show, we were fairly close at stage right, about three standing rows back.  Fun to see them that close up one more time after seeing the last few shows at bigger venues.  Redneck Wonderland tour??

12/29/01   Reverend Horton Heat at First Avenue.  I think Los Straitjackets opened for this show.  With Chris Radke.  Great show as always.


3/12/02     Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young at Target Center ($99—but I paid 70 to a scalper).  My ticket was pretty far away on stage left about 2/3 of the way back.  Terrible sound—too echoic in that place, but really loved seeing the guys playing the songs they are known for—stood up in one of the hollows/entrances for most of the show.  Saw Greg Petchen there.

3/29/02     Willie Nelson at Northrup Auditorium ($26).  With Jordy, Muttly, and Rich. Nancy S. and her husband were at the show.  Middle Balcony seating.  Regular Willie set.

4/1/02       The Eels at Mpls Woman’s Club Theatre ($19).  Great show—Daisies of the Universe tour, I think.  Went there alone.

4/25/02     Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the State Theater ($35).  With Ann Nusbaum.  Neko Case opens the show. Great seats in the balcony loge.  Fantastic show.  Enjoyed it as much as any other show I’ve seen.

5/20/02     Shane Macgowan and the Popes at First Avenue.  With Bernie, ??  Great show.  Whistle player was left in Chicago, but made it to Mpls halfway through the show.  Up front to see Shane guzzling wine straight out of the bottle on stage, just about falling over between songs, but as soon as the music started, he was right onto that microphone spewing words like curses.

6/5/02       Elvis Costello and the Imposters ($57).  With Bernie, ??  Great show—early show for the same tour as later that fall.

10/16/02   Elvis Costello and The Imposters at the Orpheum Theatre ($58).  With Bernie, ??  One of the most memorable Costello shows for me—when he played “I Want You” the audience was silent—we were right in that song with him—he backs away from the microphone and the sound still carries through the theatre and the music, the experience, the emotion—it all gives me chills, over and over throughout the performance.

7/9-12/03 Moondance Jam XII in Walker, MN ($80).  With Bruce Moore.  Bands include Alice Cooper, Joe Cocker, Corey Stevens, Boston, George Thorogood, Joan Jett, Lou Gramm, War, and Sammy Hagar.  Outdoor festival, rain the first night, stood there in a rain coat to watch shows, loads of people, good times, and we stayed at Bruce’s cabin at nights, went ATVing during the days.

7/15/03.        X at First Avenue. ($12) Billy Zoom is back in the band.

12/12/03   Waterboys (Mike Scott) at Pantages Theatre in Mpls. ($34).  With Bernie.  Hardly remember this show, but I think it was the tour for Still Burning.  I’ll ask Bernie.


4/26/05     Glenn Tilbrook at Fine Line Music Café, Mpls. ($15).  The Fluffers open the show (whoever they are).  With Bernie.  Show was good, Tilbrook plays various Squeeze hits and some solo stuff.  Caps off the night with an encore played while standing on top of the bar and patrons surrounding him.  Great show.

6/11/05     Edgar Winter Band at Minnesota Music Café, St. Paul.  Corey Stevens opens the show.  With Craig Kachinsky.  Normal Edgar set with long jams inserted into the songs.  Pretty big crowd, but fun to see his Royal Whiteness close up.

7/12/05     Willie Nelson opens for Bob Dylan at Midway Stadium, St. Paul ($49.50).  With Bruce Moore, Jordy Nicholas, Rich Nifke, and Muttly.  Beautiful day that starts at O’Gara’s, and continues with a little tailgating before going in to see Willie and Bobby.  The Willie set is almost exactly the same as the sets he has played over the years.  Dylan’s set was predictable, most from recent album, but big surprise was “Masters of War.”  Muttly and I refuse to stand in very long lines for toilet and piss in the bushes right behind the stands on the left field line.  Unfortunately, it was still light out and security guards see us, hurry our job by shooing us away, don’t arrest us.  They probably should have.

10/30/05   [Olympic] Hopefuls play a show at the Fitzgerald ($24).  Later guests include Dan Wilson and John Munson.  Show was good—did not know much by Hopefuls.  Went with Craig Kachinsky.


2/3/06 Great Big Sea at the Fitzgerald Theater. Front Row tickets thanks to Sharon Feiner. With Tim Larson, Sharon Feiner. Sue Wiborg was also at the show. I let her have my front row ticket for the second set., because she is such a big fan. I also caught a guitar pick and gave it to Sue.

6/28/06     Elvis Costello and the Imposters with Allan Toussaint at the O’Shaughnessy Theatre. Stuck around after the show to get Elvis’ autograph. With Pete, Hoffer?

8/9/06       X with Rollins Band at the Fine Line (Ticket originally listed the Quest). With Craig K. We spoke to the band after the show for a while before they kicked us out.

10/14/06   The Pogues (with Shane!) at the House of Blues, Las Vegas ($72).  With Bernie, Tom Charpentier.  Great show with the Pogues playing their greatest hits.  First time I saw the Pogues with Macgowan on the same stage.  Shane looks great—not as drunk as in the past.  They celebrate Spider’s wedding.  Spider’s daughter sings “Fairytale of New York” with Shane.

10/23/06   Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians at the Fine Line ($19).  Great show, went by myself, I think, and rumor was that Simon was in the upper level.  Played a lot of songs from her first CD, but a few others as well.  Some new stuff.

11/3/06     Guster at the State Theatre ($28).  With Bill and Tina St. Martin.  Fun show to be at, decent seats in about the 12th row.  Hadn’t heard of them, but Bill found tix and I really enjoyed the show.

12/1/06?? Corey Stevens at Mayslack’s ($15).  With Bruce Moore.  Paul Metsa and Sonny Earl open the show.  Great show—just guitar and vox.  Good roast beef sandwiches for dinner.  Stevens play most of his older hits, a few covers.  Metsa drinks two full bottle of wine onstage, later falls down face first from a standing position at the bar during the Stevens show.  Metsa then get back up to drink some more.


3/17/07     Great Big Sea at O’Shaughnessy on the campus of St. Catherine’s ($28).  St. Patty’s Day show with Tim Larson, Sharon Feiner, Ann Nusbaum, Joe Henderson, and others.  Great show, as always.  Went to Highlander Grill beforehand and had beer and food.  John Henderson and Tara stopped in for a few brief moments to say hello.

5/8/07 Elvis Costello and the Imposters at the Myth. Stood in the very back because it was so crowded in there. With Bernie, Ann N. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings before the show to eat and drink.

9/1/07       Counting Crows and Live and Collective Soul at Midway Stadium. With Beth Q. We had a nice picnic of cheese and wine in the parking lot before the show.

9/9/07       Crowded House at the Orpheum. With Beth Q. It was really just Neil Finn and a fill-in band. His son, Liam, opened the show.

9/15/07     Elvis Costello, with the Minnesota Orchestra, at Orchestra Hall.  With Beth Q.  Great show—portions of Costello’s opera, Il Sogno, are played by the Orchestra in the first half of show.  Second half of show is Elvis playing in front of the orchestra.  Several of the standards are played, with a few surprises.

11/8/07     Neil Young at the Northrop Auditorium. Chrome Dreams tour. With Beth Q. Opened with an acoustic set, followed by a blistering second set. Live painting is done near the wings during his show. His wife at the time opened the show, I believe.


3/06/08     Paul Kelly at First Avenue.  With Beth Quest, Bruce Moore, Scott Logan.  Opened for Big Head Todd and the Monsters.  Show was great, except too many people around me talking and waiting for BHT instead of watching a god.  Stolen Apples tour. 

3/22/08 X at the Cabooze. With ??

5/02/08     Jesus Christ Superstar at the Orpheum.  Ted Neely plays Jesus in Farewell tour; Corey ? (from Living Colour) plays Judas.  With Beth Q, Paul M, Barb R.  Eat at Rock Bottom before show with Paul.  Neely looks pretty old—in his sixties now—but can still crank it out during “Gethsemane.”  The show is set rather simply with some good singing and dancing on the part of the cast.  Mary Magdalene character can sing well, too.

7/11/08 Crosby, Stills, and Nash at the Orpheum Theater.  With Bruce Moore. Greatest Hits kind of a show.

7/21/08     Elvis Costello opening for The Police at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Golden, CO.  With Bernie and Erica Burns.  Great shows, with Elvis playing some older tunes and some of Momofuku, and Sting comes out to sing “Alison” with Elvis.  Long walk from the lot to the show through the beautiful red canyons.  Great location—the beauty of this place far surpasses any other venue I have ever been at.  Distinct odor of pot constant in the air as joints are passed and offered, but declined.

12/13/08 Dan Wilson at Pantages Theater. Free Life tour. With Sue G., who absolutely fell in love with Dan and it was her first time seeing him live.

12/30/8 Flogging Molly at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO. The Aggrolytes open for them. (See note for 2/23/09.) With Bernie.


2/23/09     Flogging Molly at the Myth.  Green 17 tour.  With Bernie and Ann Nusbaum (her birthday).  Colder than hell standing in line to get in the show, but we went over the Buffalo Wild Wings for a little dinner before the show.  Stood by back bar because the entire venue was packed.  People texted and it showed up on the big screens near the stage.  Aggrolytes opened the show—a real ska band for sure—reminiscent of the nineties.  They were also the openers in Denver.  Molly rocks the house right, playing at breakneck speed and the show includes some different songs than in Denver.

3/28/09 Corey Stevens and Paul Metsa and Sonny Earl at Schuler’s Tavern. With Sue G.

4/10/09     Art Garfunkel at Orchestra Hall.  With Sue G.  Art had a small four-piece band, no back-up vocals to speak of, and Art still had a great voice, though some range was gone, as to be expected.  Sang many of his S & G era songs, and a few more recent ones.  Read a few of his poems, all dedicated to his 3 year-old.  Saw Scott and Joanne Stankey at the show, surprise! 

4/19/09     Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus Three at the Varsity Theater.  With Kate McClure.  Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey of REM played guitar.  Peter Buck sought no attention, and just stayed in the shadows and played his parts. Good show.  Goodnight, Oslo tour.  Saw Curtiss A at the show.

6/23/09 X at the Cabooze. With ??

7/16/09 Arlo Guthrie at the Fitzgerald Theater. The first time I saw him. With Sue G.

9/27/09 Allen Toussaint at the Dakota. He played his variety of hit songs from over the years, including “Southern Nights.”

??/??/09?? Dr. John at Dakota–maybe with Tim A??


3/26/10 Dan and Matt Wilson at the Pantages. With Sue G. This show was funny with the interaction between Dan and Matt, and they played plenty of older songs.

4/14/10 Loudon Wainwright III and Richard Thompson at the Fitzgerald Theater. Loud and Rich tour. With Sue G.

7/3/10 Devo at the MN Zoo Amphitheater. Something for Everybody tour. With Sue G.

7/22/10 Squeeze and the English Beat at the MN Zoo Amphitheater. With Bernie, ??

8/5/10 Slim Jim Phantom and The Reckless Ones at Lee’s Liquor Lounge. With Sue G. Both bands were great, but the Reckless Ones really caught my attention. Saw them at Lee’s again a few months later.

9/4/10 Crowded House at the MN Zoo Amphitheatre. With Sue G. Some big guy next me made it miserable seating, and then he spilled a beer on me. The show ticket is damaged from the wetness of my pants.

8/21/10 Jerry Jeff Walker at the MN Zoo Amphitheater. With Bobby Hall. We decided to just stand in the back to avoid sitting next to people in the extreme heat.

9/8/10 Billy Bragg at the Cedar Cultural Center.

10/4/10 Broken Social Scene at First Avenue. With Todd Billings and Erin C.

10/8/10 Benefit for Brad Kern at First Avenue. With Hoffer. Bands include Semisonic (and later Matt Wilson joins them for some Trip Shakespeare tunes), Jeremy Messersmith, Mason Jennings, Twilight Hours, Two Harbors.

10/12/10 Guided by Voices at First Avenue with Todd Billings and Erin Cosgrove.

11/4/10 Reverend Horton Heat at First Avenue. With ?? Saw my brother, Denny, at the show.

11/23/10 Grinderman at First Avenue. Great show–Cave is always the man. With Erin C


4/20/11 John Doe and Jill Sobule at the Varsity Theater–toured their cooperative effort release titled ??? –with Bernie, and ??

5/7/11 Colin Hay at Pantages Theater. With Sue G. 

6/24/11 Josh Ritter with Neil Gaiman at the Fitzgerald for the WITS radio show. With Lisa J. We stuck around after the show and Lisa got an autograph and her picture taken with Josh. As part of the show they called Wil Wheaton and Adam Savage on the phone. Wil was funny, and Adam did his impression on Gollum singing “I Will Survive.” Very funny!

6/29/11 Elvis Costello with the Imposters at the State Theater. With ???

7/1/11 The Monkees at the MN Zoo Amphitheatre. With Sue G. No Michael Nesmith on this tour. This show was interrupted by a rainstorm, where we were led to shelter, but the concert resumed after the storm passed.

7/18/11 Arlo Guthrie at the Guthrie Theater. With Kate M.

10/6/11 X at the Cabooze. With Bernie, ??

12/21/11 Twilight Hours at the Varsity Theater. We were upgraded to some reserved seats by my friend Eddie Ocampo. We sat right next to Dan Wilson, which really excited Sue G. She was pretty star struck, since she just loves him.


3/6/12 Colin Hay at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. With Sue G.

4/27/12 Fred Willard and Dan Wilson at the Fitzgerald Theater for the WITS radio program. With Sue G. Very funny show, and Dan played well and was interviewed.

5/8/12 Rammstein at the Target Center. Made in Germany tour. First time seeing them, but hopefully not the last. With Denny, Sue G, and Craig K. This show was amazing with all the pyrotechnics. The seats were far away from the stage, but the heat from the fire was very evident in our faces during the show. A little stop at O’Donovan’s for food and libations before and after the show.

5/31/12 Flogging Molly at the Brick. With  Bernie, Ann Nusbaum, ??  Eddie Ocampo saved my ass by getting us a few more last minute tickets to the show for free, since he used to work there. Got us on “the List” at the door.

8/6/12 Crosby, Stills and Nash at the Orpheum. 

9/28/12 Dirty Three at the Cedar Cultural Center. By myself, but I gave my other ticket to a cute girl at the door, so she bought me a few beers and then hung out and danced near me, and then we exchanged numbers at the end of the night. I offered her a ride home since she looked a bit overly drunk, but she said she was on a bicycle, so she’d be fine. I got a text from her a few days later saying she crashed her bicycle on the way home after the show and needed to go to the hospital.

10/27/12 Art Garfunkel at Pantages. This show was cancelled due to Art’s health.

11/15/12 The Monkees at the State Theater. With Michael Nesmith, but Davy had recently passed away. With Sue G.


1/18/13 Paul Kelly at the 7th Street Entry. Spring and Fall tour. With Sue G.

2/1/13       Dan and Matt Wilson at the Pantages Theater with Sue G. This one was not as good as the first one (2010), but still very good.

4/23/13 Johnny Marr at the Varsity Theater. With Bernie, Hoff, ?? He played a few Smiths tunes, and much off of the current album, The Messenger.

8/9/13 YES at Mystic Lake Casino Showroom. With Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Alan White.  Jon Anderson was missing, filled in by some American singer that sounded just like him. With Jon Lind.

9/8/13 Robyn Hitchcock at the Varsity Theater. With comedian Eugene Mirman as opener? With Kate M.

9/14/13 Colin Hay at Pantages Theater. With Sue G. Always a funny and fabulous show.

9/26/13 Billy Bragg at the Cedar Cultural Center. 

10/19/13 The Waterboys at the Fitzgerald Theater. With Bernie, ???


6/9/14 Elvis Costello at the O’Shaughnessy Theater. With ??

6/21/14 Nick Cave at the State Theater. Push the Sky Away tour. Sat in the third row for this one, With Kate McClure. She became a huge fan after seeing him. Great show. Nick climbed on the seats and into the audience back to about the 15th row behind us.

8/9/14 Echo and the Bunnymen at First Avenue. With Bernie, ???

9/10/14 Paul Weller at the Varsity Theater. Great show, and stood in the back because of the crowdedness. Saw Matt Mauch and his wife at the show. With Bernie, Hoff, Honda.


5/7/15 The Waterboys at First Avenue. This show featured the American Waterboys for the Modern Blues tour. Brother Paul on the keyboards was amazing. It was hard not to watch him the entire time. With Kate M., ??

8/29/15 X at Mill City Nights. Billy Zoom was not part of this show, due to his cancer treatments. With Hoff, Bernie, Ann N, Tim Larson, ??

10/25/15 Arlo Guthrie at O’Shaughnessy Theater. Alice’s Restaurant anniversary show. His daughter opened the show–she was good. He played “Alice’s Restaurant” because that was the feature of the tour. With Jane L.

11/1/15 Colin Hay at Pantages Theater. With Ann N, Tom Franta, and Denny. Third row for this show.

11/24/15 Squeeze Acoustic: ”The At Odds Couple” (Difford and Tillbrook only) at the Cedar Cultural Center. With Bernie ??


5/21/16 Heart and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts at Hinckley Casino Outdoor Amphitheater. With Robin Shoen.

7/29/16 Loudon Wainwright III at Orchestra Hall

12/9/16 The Twilight Hours at the Turf Club. With Olga Romanova.


4/17/17 The Zombies at First Avenue. Odessey and Oracle 50th Anniversary tour. The first set was performed by the touring band, and included a lot of hits. The second set was their O&O album performed in its entirety. Great show. I went alone because no one was cool enough to be interested in 60’s music.

6/16/17 Semisonic performs The Great Divide at First Avenue is rescheduled from January, because Jake slipped on the ice and broke his wrists. They played a first set, and then came back and played Great Divide in its entirely. With Hoff. We stood in the back because the show was completely packed. We were surrounded by drunk hicks from up north in town to party. They were entertaining, in a strange way.

7/19/17 Resistor at The Bowery Electric in The Bowery, NY.  Jacob Schlichter was the the drummer for this band. They were good–punkish–and then I asked for the setlist and if they would sign it. They made a big deal of that being the nicest thing anyone has ever asked them to do. May have been sarcasm–well, I’m a yokel from MN.

8/29/17 Midnight Oil at First Avenue. One Circle?? Tour. Fantastic show with Bernie, Honda, Hoffer. Honda and I were able to get close to the stage so I got some nice pics of the Peter and the band.

9/13/17 X at First Avenue with Bernie, Hoff, Tim Larson, Ted, Ann. Great show that was absolutely packed. The return of Billy Zoom who was his usual strange self, though he needed to sit on a stool most of the show. Played the hits.

10/11/17 Paul Kelly at the Cedar Cultural Center with Robin Shoen. He played most of the songs off his Life is Fine album. Brought a full band including the Bull sisters for back-up. Great show and afterward the tech guy gave me Paul’s setlist and a guitar pick.

10/13/17 Paul Weller at Pantages with Bernie, Honda, Hoffer. Great show and he played most of the hits I hoped to hear.

11/4/17 Colin Hay at Pantages with Denny and his friend and friend’s girlfriend. He told stories and played about 15 songs. Good show overall. Some new stories, not just the others that he normally tells. Ate at Gluek’s before the show.

12/16/17 Semisonic performs Feeling Strangely Fine at First Ave. Great show. They play hits for the first half and then play the album straight through, repeating a few of the songs from the first half.


3/13/18 They Might Be Giants with Melanie at The Truman in Kansas City, MO. We saw the first half of the show from way in the back, but were able to move up during the intermission. Great show–played most of the big hits and the songs I wanted to hear. Sound was fantastic.

9/17/18 Johnny Marr at the Varsity with Hoffer, Honda. Met Dave Ostrom and a friend of his there. We were in front for the first half of the night and then after peeing, decided to stay in the back. Great show overall, played a lot of his new album, and not much from the earlier albums. Played about 6 Smiths tunes.

10/31/18 Loudon Wainwright III at The Cedar Cultural Center.  With Kelly.  Played a number of his greatest songs and took some requests. Read some excerpts from his book, and generally shared stories and observations between songs. Got his autograph after the show on the CD I bought there.

11/2/18 Little Steven Van Zandt and the Disciples of Soul at the Ames Center in Burnsville.  Teacher Appreciation Tour/Soulfire Tour.  With Joe Helm.  Free teacher workshop before the show, gave us free t-shirts and some appetizers. I didn’t know any of the songs, but the band was excellent–about 15 pieces including three back-up singers who were terrific.

11/15/18 Elvis Costello and the Imposters at Northrup Auditorium at the UM.  Look Now and Then Tour.  With Bernie, Erika, Honda, Hoffer, Pete, Ann, Liam.  He played for nearly three hours straight, without barely any pause for encores. The sound was off for about the first half hour of the show, but was really good after that. Great show.


3/28/19 The Chills at the Turf Club. Went with Bernie on an icy night of driving. A night of their greatest hits and newest album. Got their autographs after the show.

3/9/19 The Flesheaters featuring John Doe, DJ Bonebrake, Dave Alvin at Turf Club. Legendary performers. Was interesting music, but the vocals were annoying after a while.

6/20/19 The Minus Five at the Turf Club. Went with Bernie and Dave Ostrom. Perfect show, featuring a span of songs from the years, including 1-2 Baseball Project songs.

7/9/19 The Blasters, The Supersuckers, Wayne Hancock at Shank Hall in Milwaukee. Went with Jerod Duris. Clownvis opened and MC’ed the show. Phil Alvin seemed mesmerized as he was singing. Great show.

10/5/19 Kinda Kinky (Kink’s Tribute bane) at The Schooner. Went with Dave Ostrum. Fun show.

10/25/20 Richard Thompson at The Fitzgerald Theater. Went with Dave Ostrum. Great show with many of his best songs.

11/23/20 Elvis Costello at the State Theater. Went with Bernie, Honda, Pete, Hoffer, and ??.


1/29/20 Wesley Stace/John Wesley Harding with Robert Lloyd at The Hook and Ladder. Went with Bernie and saw Matt Mauch, Lee Zukor at the show. Great show where Wes played some of his choosing, as well as many audience requests. 

3/11/20 Ken Stringfellow (of Posies) at Crooners. Went with Dave Ostrum. Good show–solo on guitar and piano. After this show, Covid-19 shuts down concerts for the foreseeable future.

*all shows in MN except where noted.

Shows to look up:

Eric Burdon at the Cabooze with Chris H

Eric Burdon at the Cabooze with Craig K

Trip Shax shows–the 7th St Entry show and more

Semisonic shows–

Twilight Hours shows

Irish Fests–

Harriet island festivals–Bob Dylan (8/3/89), 

Taste of Minnesota shows–Peter Frampton, Ringo Starr, 

Soul Asylum, Husker shows

Replacements shows

Maroon 5 at Fine Line

Sean Lennon at the 400 Bar

Richie Havens at Fine Line

Black 47 shows


Pete Case shows

Nerves/Plimsouls show

John Doe at 7th street entry

Matt Wilson at 7th Street Entry with Craig K–we talked to Elaine at the show.

Doug Kershaw at the fair

Cult/Billy Idol

Cheap Trick at first intermission of Outdoor NHL game

Badfinger at the Myth

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